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Resource Settings

CloudLinux LVE Settings

lvectl is the primary tool for LVE management. lvectl is part of lve-utils package.

  • Active - Whether CloudLinux is activated.
  • Linux user ID - The Linux user id to use.
  • IO Limit - define io limits.
  • CPU Limit - limit CPU usage in percentage; 100% is one core.

ionice Settings

This program sets or gets the io scheduling class and priority for a program. If no arguments are given, ionice will query the current io scheduling class and priority for that process.

  • Active - Whether ionice is activated.
  • Class - The scheduling class.
  • Class Data - The scheduling class data. This defines the class data if the class accepts an argument. For real time and best-effort, 0-7 is valid data.

renice Settings

Renice alters the scheduling priority of one or more running processes. The following who parameters are interpreted as process ID's, process group ID's, or usernames. Renice 'ing a process group causes all processes in the process group to have their scheduling priority altered. Renice 'ing a user causes all processes owned by the user to have their scheduling priority altered. By default, the processes to be affected are specified by their process ids.

  • Active - Whether renice is activated.
  • Priority - Which priority to give to the job, -20 is the highest priority and 19 the lowest. The default is 0.