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DropBox began retiring long-lived (no expiry) access tokens starting Sept 30, 2021 in favor of short-lived tokens and refresh tokens. With this change, we have released a patch and updated instructions to support DropBox authentication via refresh tokens. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Using this backup destination for accounts with a large number of files is not recommended. Due to DropBox API limitations, there is too much overhead for each file, which makes file transfers very slow.

We recommend using this for full compressed backups only.

Step 1 Configure DropBox

To create a DropBox account go to https://www.dropbox.com/login and hit "create your account":

dropbox log in

Fill in your information and hit "create your account":

dropbox create account

Next step is to create a new app.
In order to do that, go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps, sign in and hit "create app":

DBX platform

Now you will be able to create a new app, fill in information and hit "create app":

dropbox create app

In the next screen, you will see the app/secret key under the Settings Tab.

dropbox app/secret key

Scroll down to the OAuth 2 Section and specify https://auth.jetbackup.com/dropbox/ under redirect URIs then click Add.

dropbox redirect uri

Navigate to the Permissions Tab to choose the access scopes or specific permissions that your app needs to interact with Dropbox. The following persmission will need to be allowed: files.content.write and files.content.read

dropbox scope

Step 2 Create a backup destination

  1. Specify "Destination Type" as "Drop Box".
  2. Write a name for your destination.
  3. Fill in app/secret key that you have just created.
  4. Under the Access Code Field, Click on "Request Access Code" and the JetBackup-DropBox Authentication Code windows will appear.

dropbox auth code

  1. Copy the access code and paste it to the "Access Code" text area then hit "Save".
Example configuration page for the destination:

create dropbox destination

Destination Name

A generic name for your internal ease of use, so it will be easier to recognize the backup destination roll, in case you have more than one. Max length is 40 characters.

Backup Directory

This will be our starting point when accessing this destination.
Make sure to not start with "/".
Write your path to where you want the backup to be stored.
You can leave the backup directory empty if you want that the backup will be stored in the main directory.

Free Disk Space Limit

This option checks if the destination's disk space has reached the specified limit before it executes the backup. When enabled, JetBackup will not perform the backup when the used disk space is over the specified limit.

App Key

You can get an API app key by creating an app on the Dropbox's app creation page. Once you have Dropbox app created, the app key will be available on the Dropbox app's page (on the App Console).

Secret Key

You can get an API secret key by creating an app on the Dropbox's app creation page. Once you have Dropbox app created, the secret key will be available on the Dropbox app's page (on the App Console).

Access Code

The authentication pop-up code.

It's recommended to check the API call count to prevent backup job failures.
To review the Dropbox API call count for business account use the following