Performance Settings

Queue Active

When activated, jobs are processed "one by one", when disabled all jobs are processed at once. We recommend setting this to "yes".

Compress databases on backup process

**High usage of IO** - Activate only when needed, this will execute "gzip" command for each database (*.sql files).

Skip Bandwidth Data

Don't backup cPanel's bandwidth data. Set this to "yes" if this information is not needed, this will help improve the backup time

Skip Mail Man

Don't backup mailman data.

Update Incremental Backups Sizes

**High usage of IO on the backup server**- Activate only when needed, this will execute "du" command on the SSH and Local backup servers to calculate folder sizes.

Restore Server Load Limits

Default is 5, If server load reaches this limit, restore process will wait for load to go down. [ To disable insert 0 ]

Restore sleep time

Default is 60 Seconds, Time to wait between restore points, could be useful when server load is high (when creating/packing an account). [ To disable insert 0 ]

Limit accounts Downloads

Default is 1 Downloads, select the number of downloads that you permit to keep for each account. [ To disable insert 0 ]

Downloads Delete TTL

Default is 1 Days, select the number of days you want to keep downloads on your server. [ To disable insert 0 ]

MySQL Settings

MySQL Dump max allowed packet

The maximum packet length to send to or receive from server.

MySQL Dump force flag

Continue even if we get an SQL error.

MySQL Dump opt flag

Same as --add-drop-table, --add-locks, --create-options, --skip-opt.

MySQL Dump skip lock table flag

Continue even if we get an lock table error.