Manually restore an account

This guide will guide you how to manually restore an account from remote ssh destination. Login using ssh to your backup server, and navigate to the backup folder.

ssh backupuser@
cd /path/to/backup_folder/jetbackup_1_{UNIQE_JOB_ID}/{USERNAME}/snap.2015-10-29.031006/homedir

Note that the "snap*" folders are the actual backups, and the backup date is indicated at the folder name.

To make sure you are in the right folder, type "ls", folders named "homedir" & "mysql" should be there.

Create a tar archive file of your backup content

tar -czvf cpmove-jetbackupmanager.tar.gz ./

Copy your tar file to the server you want to restore it

scp cpmove-jetbackupmanager.tar.gz root@

Log in to the server you want to restore the backup on using ssh. Navigate to the home folder

cd /home

Restore the backup using cPanel's script

/scripts/restorepkg cpmove-jetbackupmanager.tar.gz

All done!