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NOTICE: JetBackup 5 is now available in the Stable Tier. For more information, please visit our Jetbackup 5 Documentation.

Encrypted Backups

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU). If you believe you are subject to GDPR, you should consider enabling "GDPR Mode".

For more information regarding GDPR, please visit: General Data Protection Regulation.


Enable GDPR mode


  • With GDPR mode enabled, the disaster recovery backups will NOT contain the cPanel account-level GDPR encryption keys. In effect, encrypted account backups CANNOT be recovered when importing through Disaster Recovery.
  • cPanel users will have the option to choose between the following backup types via the JetBackup cPanel interface:
    • Regular Backups - backups are generated from regular backup jobs.
    • Encrypted Backups(GDPR) - backups are only generated through the GDPR Compliance Backup Job.
    • No Backups - the account will be excluded from all backup jobs.

User Agreement

Displays your User Agreement to clients with GDPR Mode enabled.

Privacy Policy

Displays your Privacy Policy to clients with GDPR Mode enabled.

Backup Destination Information

As required under GDPR, displays the locations of your backup destinations with GDPR Mode enabled.

The Right to be Forgotten

Specify the number of days that JetBackup will keep TERMINATED cPanel account data(including backups, logs and etc...). [ To disable insert 0 ]. Once reached, all data from the corresponding account(s) will be completely deleted.

GDPR Backup Job Settings


Choose a backup destination for this job. You can find more details about backup destinations in the following link: Destinations Overview.

Backup Structure

  • Archived - Backup data in an uncompressed archive (.tar file format). Uncompressed backups are faster to generate but require more space.
  • Compressed - Backup data in a compressed archive (.tar.gz file format). Compressed backups use less space but take more time to generate.

Please note that under GDPR Mode, clients are limited to full account backups, downloads and restores and will not be able to select individual parts of their backups.

Directories and Files to exclude

Choose directories to be excluded from backup, you can enter one or many.
Click Exclude Files and Directories link for more details.


Click on Create Schedule for more details regarding setting up backup schedules.
JetBackup also gives you the option to set multiple schedules for each backup/clone/reindex job. There are no extra overhead between backups with multiple schedules running at the same time as JetBackup will automatically mark each coinciding backup with the appropriate schedule types.

Schedule Time

The time that you want all schedules to be executed.

Limit accounts to backup

Setting this value to "10" will backup only 10 accounts for each cron run.
If the server has 60 accounts and the job is scheduled to run daily it will backup 10 accounts each time.
In this scenario, fully backing up 60 accounts will take 6 days. The backup order is alphabetical.
This feature will not work with multi schedule job

Maximum Execution Run Time

Setting this value to "600" will backup only 10 hours for each cron run. [ Insert 0 to disable ]
This feature will not work with multi schedule job

Performance Override

ionice/renice Override the default performance settings for this specific job.

Job Monitor

Choose whether to notify if there were no backups for x days and if the job process runs more then x days. (Insert 0 to disable).

GDPR client terms of use

Once you have made changes on GDPR User Agreement, Privacy Policy and/or Destination information and hit save, you will be prompted with the following confirmation box:

GDPR force

Force Agreement

On the first time you have enabled GDPR, client terms of use will be forced.
Check this option if you would like to force all your clients to agree to the new terms.
Your clients will not be able to access their JetBackup cPanel GUI until they agree to the terms.

Suspend Backups

Check this option if you would like to suspend all accounts backup until they agree to the new terms.