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Cloning Accounts on CageFS File Systems

When cloning accounts that do not exist on a destination cPanel server with CageFS, the destination server is required to remount the CageFS skeleton directory and all newly cloned accounts.

To do so, please execute the following command on the desination cPanel server after the clone job has finished:

cagefsctl -M

Here are two options to automate this process:

  1. We recommend creating a cPanel post user creation hook script on the destination cPanel server that executes the CageFS remount command after each new account that gets created, regardless of whether the accounts were created from the clone job or other processes.

    Please visit the following link for further information regarding cPanel hooks:

  2. Utilizing JetBackup's hooks system, you may create a post clone hook to execute a script that executes the following CageFS remount command remotely after each clone job run:

    ssh {SSH Destination Details} -i /usr/local/jetapps/etc/jetbackup/privatekeys/root.rsa cagefsctl -M