Create New Hook

You can add hook to run your script before/after action.
To create new hook navigate to: "Hooks" and Click on "Create New Hook".

Hook Page

Example configuration page for hooks:

Create New Hook

Example script that write into logfile the time that the action was created:

Hook Name

This will be used internally your convenience.

Hook Position

Choose to run your script Pre/Post your action.

Hook Type

The action type that you can use to run your script before/after.

Action type:

  • Backup
  • Backup Account
  • Clone
  • Clone Account
  • Restore
  • Download
  • Reindex
  • Snapshot
  • Daily Cron

Hook Script

The hook script contain two variables:

php /hooks/pre-backup.php
  1. Runnable file for the requested program language - in this example php.

  2. The path to the script that you want to execute when hook is triggered - in this example /hooks/pre-backup.php.
    The path to the script has to be absolute path starting with '/', with execute permissions.